“A sad day for Australian journalism”: reaction from Twitter to the detail of #ABCcuts

Many thousands of words will be written and spoken in coming days, weeks and months about the impact of the 400-plus job cuts and closures announced today by the ABC.

In the meantime, see some of the reaction from journalists and others on Twitter, and beneath the tweets are links to recommended reading.

A statement from the Public Interest Journalism Foundation will be published soon.


• See also The Guardian’s live coverage and summary of the cuts

• The SMH’s coverage of the impact, particularly upon regional Australia

• The SMH on cuts to flagship programs including 4 Corners, Australian Story and Foreign Correspondent.

• Quentin Dempster on political bastardry and nincompoops

• Nick Xenophon calls for a Senate inquiry

An act of political revenge: The Hoopla and also at New Matilda.