Check this crowdfunding campaign for app-based investigations into healthcare

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched – via the Public Interest Journalism Foundation’s Pozible channel – that aims to develop an app promoting greater accountability in healthcare.

Behind the campaign is Delia Scales, a former nurse whose personal experience of cancer treatment made her acutely aware of health system failings.

Scales, founder of the WikiHospitals news and information site,  says the app aims to provide:

• An easy-to-understand overview of best practice clinical guidelines by disease, an overview of errors that occur, and health IT startups that may be helpful.

• Suggestions for pathology services, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, based on the lowest cost, highest quality and current location of the user.

• A chance to give accurate feedback on the cost and quality of health care received.

• A way to share personal healthcare experiences via social networks.

The campaign aims to raise $7,000 by December 8.  Read more about it at the public health blog, Croakey.

• Apply to the Public Interest Journalism Foundation’s Pozible channel here.