One of the crucial roles of a reporter is to do thorough research before presenting facts as news. There is a lot that goes behind presenting a big story. Investigative journalism is gone through the previous reports, documents, verifying sources, and other information to see if journalists can extract more data. For an investigative reporter, there are some helpful tools that can better manage the reports to get faster leads.

Hunter is a tool to help track down contacts of people who are connected to the investigation. It can fish email addresses from government agencies (with permission). If Hunter fails to find the email you are looking for, it will still give you some options to try out.



IntelTechniques is an advanced level tool to help you search through a bunch of social media platforms. You can search for a person’s presence on social media to extract any intel that you get. You can find out about the pictures that your target has liked on a platform or the videos in which they are tagged.

YouTube DataViewer

This tool can help you find fresh sources on Youtube related to the event that you are covering. This tool by Amnesty International lets you reverse search the videos based on the images you have. However, you cannot gain authority on any of the videos and have to seek permission from the uploader to use it for your investigation.


Sqoop is a US-based website that helps the investigations to search through the records related to the businesses and government documents. You can also use the software to follow the cases related to your investigation and create new alerts for documents. The tool is free for journalists.


Evernote is a free to use scanner and text-searcher that you can have on your mobile phone. It can store a large volume of notes, interviews, records on your phone. It is also useful in keeping track of your researches. You can store and access your documents easily without having to wait for your files to load.



Botometer is designed by university researchers in the US to provide a platform for reports to find authentic people. This tool can identify if a person on social media like Twitter is a real person or a bot. It is one of the best bot-spotting tools that you can have. It will help you find out if the comments made related to your investigation are made by real people or bots trying to divert the case.


Klaxon is a great tool for tracking websites and how they have changed in the past years. It is similar to the tools used in digital marketing to identify a spam website. It was developed by a journalist as a nonprofit tool. There is a long procedure to get your account verified on this free-to-use tool, but you can easily find out about the previous records of any website you want when you have done that.