New News conferences

The Public Interest Journalism Foundation first partnered with Melbourne Writers Festival to present this successful conference on the 2–3 September 2010 at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. A second New News conference was held on 26–27 August 2011, again as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Each New News was more than a conference, and deliberately engaged the broad public – not only industry figures and academics. For two days, the venue was buzzing as media industry professionals, start-up news ventures, bloggers, citizen journalists and the general public met, talked and debated about new media and the future of reporting.New News 2012

New News 2012 is now underway. This year features a series of lead-up events to our regular spot at Melbourne Writers Festival. The first of these, ‘Who’s afraid of Gina Rinehart?’ was held on Wednesday 14th March at Readings, Carlton. You can listen to the recording of this session on ABC news radio here (mp3).

The third New News conference will be held as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival on August 24 and 25, 2012. Stay tuned for the release of the program.


New News 2010 was officially opened by PIJ Board member and founding editor of Griffith REVIEW, Julianne Schultz.

The program included a combination of roundtables, workshops and panels including News Media in the Digital Age, Our Future? Recruiters Speak, In the Wild: Innovators and Citizen Journalists Online and a forum on Leadership in Journalism which brought together some of Australia’s most influential media players: Paul Ramadge (Editor in Chief, The Age), Phil Gardner (Editor in Chief, Herald and Weekly Times), Sophie Black (Editor, Crikey) and Kate Torney (Director of News, ABC).

The New News Keynote, Quest for Truth: The Media and the Election (click for PDF) with ABC Managing Director Mark Scott, provided insights into the nature of modern political news coverage and fresh opportunities for journalists “to tell the story properly” online. To view the Keynote podcast, go to Melbourne Writers Festival website.

Other conference highlights included:

Cheek: The getting and losing of jobs online panellists took a cheeky look at how the online medium can create and destroy jobs. Chaired by Swinburne Journalism Lecturer Andrew Dodd with panellists Tom Cowie, Crikey cartoonist First Dog on the Moon, comedian Catherine Deveny and Jonathan Green from ABC The Drum.

The Ethical Journalist Online Those responsible for setting industry standards shared the stage for the first time to look at the challenges for maintaining ethics in online journalism.

Speaking up: Telling Indigenous stories and the opportunities of new media.

The Business Models: Dead or just resting? Panellists John Allan (TrueLocal), Jack Matthews (Fairfax Digital), Bill Birnbauer (Monash University) and Trevor Young (ParkYoung Strategy and Communications) considered the future of established media business models.

The Closing Address The head of the Washington based Institute of Interactive Journalism (J-Lab), Jan Schaffer, summed up the lessons learned from her ten years of experience at the cutting edge of experimentation in citizen and civic journalism. Read the full closing address PDF on Australian Policy Online.

Workshops in media law, how to build a website, how to write for online media and how to use social media to improve journalism.

In a reference to the days before the printing press, when news balladeers toured the settlements of Europe, the singing quartet Hark, updated conference-goers on the latest headlines.

New News 2010 was made possible with support from both Swinburne University of Technology and the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development.